Garage Door Sales in Newhall, IA

Serving the Cedar Rapids area

If it relates to garage door or industrial door equipment, supplies or parts, make Ollinger your trusted resource. Here's why:

Preferred Fabrication Company

Our 15 years of company experience in the garage door and loading dock fields help us identify reliable manufacturers and fabricate doors and equipment designed for our Iowa weather extremes. It will be no surprise to you that we carry a full line of garage door equipment, from residential to commercial, in dimensions up to 36 feet wide.

Choice of Options

Door and window component designs vary by size and application needs. Available color selections make it possible for you to match virtually any exterior color scheme or shrubbery. The quality of paints used in all door and equipment coatings range from low-cost “adequate” to high-end “first quality.”

Personalized Service

We will work with you to meet your design specifications and stay within your budget. Ollinger Garage Doors personnel will customize any garage door (or industrial loading dock equipment) to accommodate your personal preferences and cost limitations.

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